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Intrinsically Safe Switch

Intrinsically Safe Switch
Intrinsically Safe Switch
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Product Code : Namur M-18 Proximity
Brand Name : PARAS
Product Description

Parasnath Electronics was established in 1994 and is an ISO 9001:2000 certified Company. It is involved in manufacturing of different types of industrial Products like Proximity Switch such as INDUCTIVE / MAGNETIC / PHOTO ELECTRIC / CAPACITIVE and LDR TYPE , FLOAT SWITCHES, FLOW SWITCHES, SWITCH MODE POWER SUPPLY ( SMPS POWER SUPPLY), MAGNEIC DOOR CONTECT FOR SECURITY ALARM SYSTEMS, SHUTTER SENSOR ETC and BREAKINTERLOCK SYSTEMS FOR AIRCRAFT REFULER AND DISPANCER ETC.

All products are manufactured by skilled and qualified staff and follow the carefully laid down procedure and state-of the art processes.

Quality control checks are conducted after every stage of manufacturing. The products manufactured by us meet the standard specification and the individual component pass through stringent quality performance and test thus the company strictly follows the rules and principles of the ISO. 

The company has also achieved the certification from âہ“ CENTRAL MINING RESEARCH INSTITUT ( CMRI )â€Â for its Intrinsically Safe Proximity Switches and their Power Supplies . Tese are also called as NAMMU Type Proximity Switch.

Thus the products are Intrinsically Safe and can be used in Hazardous Conditions. CMRI conducted following tests on its products---

1. Applicable for ZONE 1 & 2 and GAS Group IIA, IIB and IIC.
2. Temperature Class :-T4 for Power Supply and T6 for Intrinsically Safe Proximity Switches.
3. Standard Reference :- IS : 5780-2002.
4. Creepage Distance & Clearance.
5. Insulation Test.
6. IP-67 Protection Tests have been conducted as per IS : 12063-1987( IEC-60529/1989).
7. Small Component Test.
8. Cable Pull Out test for Intrinsically Safe Proximity Switches.

After Testing all the parameters they came on a conclusion that Intrinsically Safe Nammur Proximity Switches and associated AC Power Supply and DC Power Supply can be acceptable for use in GAS GROUP IIA, IIB & IIC atmosphere.

IT means all the Intrinsically Safe Proximity Switches ( Nammur ) can be Hazardous Conditions.

Our Products are used in different type of Industries such asâ€â€

TEXTILE INDUSTRIES, MACHINE TOOL INDUSTRIES, AUTOMOBILE INDUSTRIES, CEMENT INDUSTRIES, FOOD PROCESS INDUSTRIES, PETROLEUM INDUSTRIES PACKAGING INDUSTRIES, GAS INDUSTRIES, ADVERTISING INDUSTRIES and when an automation is required                                                                                                                       Intrinsically Safe Proximity Switch (Namur type)

1.       SIZE                                                        :   M-8 to M-36 mm (Barrel Shaped)

                                                                :   R-30x30x50 mm (Rectangular Shape

2.       OUTPUT LOGIC                                    :   NO /   NC

3.       MOUNTING                                          :   Flush Type / Non Flush Type

4.       SENSING DISTANCE                            :   1.5mm to 18mm

5.       ENCLOSURE                                          :   Nickel Platted Brass Tube/ Plastic

6.       PROTECTION GRADE                          :   IP-67

7.       APPROVALS                                          :   CE , CMRI